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Customizable Options for Your Agency

Default options for various fields are provided in Probatum Offender Case Manager. However, because your agency isn't quite like any other, your agency’s administrator can customize the information to meet your specific needs. Some of the customizable options include Sentences, Supervision Conditions, Courts, Judges, Legal Actions, and many more.

Manage Subject & Case Info

In Probatum Offender Case Manager, you can manage an individual offender (the Subject), as well as each of their individual cases. The Subject screen allows the user to document the offender’s personal information such as medical conditions, dependents, addresses, aliases, etc., as well as a list of all cases.

The case screen only documents the details related to a single case such as charges, supervision status and conditions, case contacts, legal actions, drug tests, case documents, etc. A single offender may have multiple case records in the system.

Case Plan & Case Sharing

The Case Plan directs a systematic approach to assisting the individual in overcoming the issues related to their offense. Identify the offender’s issues, define the desired objective outcome, and designate a course of action to be followed in order to achieve the objective.

Need to involve another agency in the action plan? Specify a Partner/Service Provider, and share the case with them if necessary. Limit the sharing to “restricted case view” or allow the agency to view the full case, depending on the level of access you wish to grant the partner.

Once a case has been shared, the partner can make notes and document contacts with the offender, which can instantly be reviewed by the case manager. There's no need to fax or email notes back and forth.

Generate Reports

Create system generated reports summarizing data for Subjects and Cases at the click of a button. Define your own criteria for generating other reports such as Supervision Type Changes, Financial Payments, Drug Tests, Arrests, and many more.

Create Forms & Documents

With Probatum’s built in form editor, you can create case documents directly in the application. Your agency administrator can create form templates to standardize your agency’s documents. Upload scanned files into Probatum so all case documents can be accessed from a central location.

Manage Contacts & Tasks

Schedule contacts with the offender, document notes from the contact, and review any partner contacts. Easily manage your calendar, which is instantly viewable from the home page.

Set reminders for various tasks, set a due date and priority, and document when tasks are completed. Stay organized so you can keep up with your ever-changing case loads.